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You can create and manage custom and system-provided rules in Privacera Discovery. By executing the conditions in each rule, Discovery applies classifications to your data. The output tag associated with the processed rule is applied to the resource as the final tag.

The generation of tags depends on the order of the rules. See Processing Order of Scan Techniques.

You can also create rule mappings.

Types of rules

There are three types of rules in Privacera Discovery:

  • Structured

  • Unstructured

  • Post-processing

Example rules and classifications

Based on the tags found in a structured or unstructured rule or a table in various columns, we can assign a tag to the file or the table. This is an AND conditions of output tags. For example, you can set multiple rules as follows:

  1. If a file has PERSON_NAMEANDEMAILANDSSN , tag as PII.

  2. If a file has USER_IDANDGEO, tag as SENSITIVE .

  3. If a file has USER_IDANDIP , tag as SENSITIVE .