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Privacera Documentation

Add Azure ADLS data source on Privacera Platform

The following steps show you how to add an Azure ADLS application:

  1. Click Setting > + Add Application.

  2. Select Azure ADLS.

  3. Enter the Application Name and Application Code.

  4. Select the Application Properties tab. You can import existing application properties from a file using the Import Properties option. Browse and select the JSON file and click Add.

  5. Enable Folder name tagging toggle button to include folder names during scanning and to tag the folders based on dictionary values.

  6. Under Add New Properties, add the following for Dataserver. Add one property per line.

    • SSL: If SSL is enabled for Dataserver, use the following properties:

      explorer_protocol=http storage_type=blob
    • Non-SSL: If SSL is not enabled for Dataserver, use the following properties.

      explorer_protocol=http storage_type=blob
  7. Click Test Connection.

  8. Click Next.

    When the Azure ADLS application is added successfully a success banner is displayed.