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Privacera Documentation

Data steward

This example is for the data steward in Governed Data Stewardship, who has been assigned by the data owner

Define Terms of Use

Continuing the example of the data owner creating a shared dataset, you as the data-steward define terms of use that the data users must agree to before accessing the dataset.


Terms of Use are optional and are activated only if you enter text in the Terms of Use text box.

To define terms of use:
  1. Click the TERMS OF USE tab.

  2. Enter optional terms of use details in the Terms of Use text box.

  3. Click SAVE.

  4. On the RESOURCES tab, in the upper right corner, click BROWSE to browse the defined resources for this data domain.

  5. For this resource, use the checkboxes on the left to drill down to the depth of the resource. Check the checkboxes for the desired data tables.

You have defined the terms of use for this shared dataset.

Share Dataset with data users as read-only

Continuing the example of creating a shared dataset, you share the dataset as read-only.

To share a dataset as read-only:
  1. In the upper right corner, click the plus sign.

  2. From the Select a dataset pulldown, select the appropriate data domain to share with QA.

  3. Click SHARE WITH.

  4. Select type Group, the name of the group, and read-only permission.

  5. Click ADD.

The dataset has been shared as read-only.

Create a project, assign a project leader, and add users to the project

Projects can be created for data domains, shared datasets, or both. The steps here create a project from a data domain.

To create a project and add a data domain to it:
  1. Navigate to Datasets > My Projects.


  3. Enter an easy-to-remember name and description for the project.

  4. Select the data domains to assign to the project.

  5. Leave the default duration for the project, which is Never Expired, or specify a time period.

  6. To add a project leader, click the LEADERS tab.

  7. From the pulldown, select User, Group, or Role.

  8. Enter the name of the user, group, or role.

  9. Add as many other project leaders as desired.

  10. Click CREATE.

You have defined a project, assigned a project leader, and added users to the project.