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Privacera Documentation

Account administrator

This example is for the account administrator or delegate in Governed Data Stewardship.

As an account admin, you have the following general tasks:

  • Connect applications

  • Create users

  • Define data domains for Governed Data Stewardship

  • Assign data domains to data owners

Prerequisites: set up applications and users

Before creating a data domain, prepare the following:

  • Connect applications

  • Defined portal users with appropriate roles

Define data domain, assign data owner, and add datasources

To create a data domain and assign a data owner:
  1. Go to Data Assets > Datasets. You are presented with a wizard.


    This wizard appears only the first time you create a data domain. Thereafter, when you create other data domains, you use the tabs and fields that are displayed, not the wizard.

    Image 123997
  2. Click CREATE DATA DOMAIN at the bottom.

  3. Enter an easy-to-remember name and a description of the data domain.

  4. Click the OWNER tab.

  5. Select TYPEUser, select the desired user as the data owner, and leave the default read/write permission or change the permission if necessary.

  6. To assign additional data owners, click the plus sign on the right.

  7. To create the data domain, click CREATE.

  8. To add resources to the data domain, click ADD RESOURCE.

    You can instead click BROWSE to locate the desired application and resource.

  9. From the displayed applications, select an application that you had already configured:

    • Required information varies by the type of application.

    • This example shows how to add a database table resource.

  10. Enter the first characters of a database name to see and select the database.

  11. Enter the first characters of a table name to see and select the table.

  12. Click ADD. If this data domain needs additional applications, continue to add them.

The data domain has been created, your work is complete, and the data owner receives a notification.