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Privacera Documentation

System requirements for Privacera Manager Host in GKE

There are various system requirements for Privacera Manager Host in GKE:

Hardware requirements

A Virtual Machine instance with:

  • A minimum of 4 Cores

  • 16 GB RAM

  • 64 GB storage (e2-standard-4 Machine)

Software requirements

The following packages are required on your instance as per your operating system:

  • yum and rpm (RHEL/CentOS/Oracle/Amazon Linux)

  • zypper and php_curl (SLES)

  • apt (Debian/Ubuntu)

  • ssh, curl, tar, wget and gcc*

  • OpenSSL (v1.01, build 16 or later)

  • Python (with python-devel*)

  • Docker

  • User account with sudo permissions

  • Allow only ssh access to the Jump server

  • Access to the K8s cluster with kubectl

  • Authority as a cluster admin, or otherwise full access

Network requirements

  • Selinux, firewall/iptables should be disabled to allow communication.