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Encryption for Right to Privacy (RTP) on Privacera Platform

These are details for creating a data zone in Privacera Discovery Compliance Workflow with the Right To Privacy (RTP) policy, which encrypts the resources specified in the data zone.

For background, see the following:

Create a New Data Zone Called "RTP"

  1. Expand the Discovery > Compliance Workflow menu.

  2. Click Data Zones.

  3. On the Data Zones page, click the + icon.

  4. For Data Zone Name, enter RTP.

  5. Enter a Description.

  6. Click Save.

The Data Zone is added.

Add RTP Policy to Data Zone

  1. In the *Data Zones page, select the created datazone.

  2. Click the Policies tab.

  3. Click +Add Policy.

  4. Enter a required Name.

  5. Enter a Description.

  6. From the Type of policy menu, select Right to Privacy.

  7. Select the Alert Level.

  8. Enable or disable the Status of the policy.

  9. Select the required Application.

  10. Select Lookups: Application and Lookup File Location.

  11. If you want literal masking, select the Use LITERAL checkbox.

  12. Click Save.

The RTP policy is created.

Add Resource to be Encrypted

  1. On the Data Zones page, select the datazone.

  2. Click +Add Resource.

  3. Enter the required Application name.

  4. Enter the required Resource name.

  5. Click Save.

    The file format resource is added. You can also add table format resources, such as DB name and table name.

  6. Click the Re-evaluate checkbox for the resource to be encrypted.

  7. Click the soft refresh button to update completion status.

    After the checkbox is cleared, the encryption has completed.

Verifying the Encryption

To verify the encryption:

  1. Navigate to Data Inventory > File Explorer.

  2. Select the resource to which you applied the RTP policy.

  3. Verify the the data has been encrypted.

Original data can be viewed under the archive folder.