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Privacera Documentation

Fetch AWS S3 Tags

Privacera Discovery allows you to fetch AWS S3 tags. There are two types of tags that can be fetched:

  • Object Tags: Tags associated with the AWS S3 object or files in buckets.

  • Bucket Tags: Tags associated with the S3 bucket.

To fetch AWS S3 tags, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Discovery > Tags Information and create a tag named AWS_S3_TAG.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Data Source Registration and add or update the application properties as below:

    1. Set "Fetch S3 Object Tags": true

    2. Set "Fetch S3 Bucket Tags": true


      By default these properties are disabled and set to false.

  3. Go to Data Inventory > Classifications and click AWS_S3_TAG under the Tag column, then click on View attributes link.

  4. Click View attributes .

    AWS S3 tags will be displayed in the Data Info grid.


  • If the AWS_S3_TAG tag is not created, then AWS S3 tags will not be fetched and the tag will not be displayed in Classification page.

  • If both the Object and Bucket tags are enabled and have a common tag, then the Object tag will override the Bucket tag. For example: If the Bucket tag is owner=user1 and the Object tag is owner=user2, then the AWS_S3_TAG tag will have owner=user2 as its attribute.

  • Tags fetched from AWS S3 will be added as attributes of the AWS_S3_TAG. This tag with attributes will be synced to Apache Ranger. Verify using the following URL: https://<EC2_Instance_IP>:6182/service/tags/tags.