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Users, groups, and roles

The Access Management > Users/Groups/Roles page is for managing data access users, groups, and roles.

Identities allowed or denied access are known as data access users. Users can be part of a Group, or be assigned a data access Role. Native Privacera individual data access users, along with management of group and roles are defined internally in Privacera and are managed in Users/Groups/Roles. Alternatively, data access users and groups can be imported for one-way synchronization with an external directory service or identity service based on LDAP or SCIM. For more information, see Add LDAP UserSync connector or UserSync.

Data access users can be allowed or denied use of data stored in connected applications, as opposed to portal users, who are users that can log into your Privacera account.

For more information about users, groups, and roles, see: