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Governed Data Stewardship


Contact Privacera Support to request enabling this feature.

Your organization needs a flexible, collaborative solution to data governance problems such as the following:

  • A centralized team building new products that stretch across multiple technological domains and datasets.

  • A consumer-oriented group developing a data mesh composed of a large number of data sources and formats.

  • Implementation of a bronze/silver/gold pattern for data access and use depending on specific needs.

  • Data scientists building out new models for analytics or other needs.

Privacera Governed Data Stewardship's flexible architecture can enforce a separation of data, access control, and compliance adaptable to your data governance project needs.

The fundamental purposes of Privacera Governed Data Stewardship are to:

  • Subdivide your data into fine-grained data domains of cloud applications that have your data.

  • Create shared datasets based on those data domains.

  • Define data owners, optional data stewards, and optional project leaders for those shared datasets and data domains.

  • Control access by users, groups, and roles to data domains, shared datasets, and projects.

Privacera Governed Data Stewardship is based on PrivaceraCloud features such as resource policies, access policies, and permissions.

  • Your account administrator sets up the basic PrivaceraCloud building blocks: connected applications and users.

  • After these building blocks are available, Privacera Governed Data Stewardship simplifies and streamlines data governance, automatically creating policies and permissions as identified data owners define data domains, shared datasets, and projects.