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Privacera Documentation

What should I do in the PrivaceraCloud web portal?

You will be using PrivaceraCloud to manage the policies for the tables in the Databricks. In the PrivaceraCloud web portal, expand the Access Management section in the sidebar, and select Resource Policies.You will see a tile for Databricks Unity Catalog.

Click the privacera_databricks_unity_catalog link within the tile which will bring up all the policies for this service. Under the Access tab, you should see several policies. At the bottom there are 2 sample policies. These policies are:

  • Sales Data All Access - <your catalog>-privacera_sales_schema_<date_timestamp>

  • Sales Data Specific Column - <your catalog>-privacera_sales_schema_<date_timestamp>

Under the Masking tab, you will see an Anonymize city policy - <your_catalog>-privacera_sales_schema_<date_timestamp>.

Under the Row Level Filter tab, you will see thw Sales by Country - <your catalog>-privacera_sales_schema_<date_timestamp> policy.

We have appended your catalog name and the schema name with a unique date timestamp so that you can find the policies easily.

If you have selected hive_metastore as your catalog while setting up the connection with Privacera, you should click on the privacera_hive tile in the Resource Policies.