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Privacera Documentation

Create tag access policies

  1. From the homepage, click Access Management > Tag Policies.

  2. On the Tag Policies page, click a service in a service group panel.

  3. Select the Access tab.

  4. Click Add New Policy.

  5. Configure the policy.

    • Policy Type: Accept the default value (Access).

    • Policy Name: Must be unique among all policies.

    • Normal/Override: If you select Override, this policy takes precedence over other policies.

    • Policy Labels: Enter the label for this policy. This helps during search reports and filter policies based on the labels.

    • Tag: Enter the applicable tag name.

    • Policy Conditions: Click Add Conditions+ to add policy conditions (This is applied at the policy level).

    • Audit Logging: When enabled, an event is entered in the audit log when this policy is applied.