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Privacera Documentation

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API Key on PrivaceraCloud

API Key provides management, generation, and downloading of the following:

  • Unique account-specific keys and URLs (URIs).

  • Installation or setup scripts.

  • TLS certificates used with the AWS EMR Native Ranger plug-in.

These elements are then used in the process of configuring target data sources.

Manage API keys

When needed, API keys are generated automatically.

Generate new API keys

  1. Go to Settings > API Key.

    The API Key dashboard displays a list of previously generated API Keys.

  2. Click GENERATE API KEY. The API keys are generated along with installation and setup scripts for each supported data repository, available for download.

  3. In the Generate API Key dialog, set the purpose to "REST API Access" or similar, and then click the Never Expires check box.

    This will create new unique API key and Init Script.

  4. Click the GENERATE API KEY button.

Multiple API Keys can be created for the same PrivaceraCloud account. Use one key per Databricks Cluster.

Actions on the Key:

In each API Key row click the associated icon to take an action.

Under API Key column:

  • clipboard icon - copy this API Key value to the clipboard

  • info icon - open this API Key dialog

Under the Actions column:

  • x - Set Key Inactive

  • pen icon - Edit this APIKey purpose'

  • trash can - Delete this APIKey

Manage certificates for AWS EMR native Ranger plug-Ins

Management, uploading, and downloading of TLS certificates for integration with the EMR native Ranger plug-in are discussed in Certificate setup in Secrets Manager.