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Privacera Documentation

Add a dictionary

To add a dictionary, follow these steps:

  1. On the Dictionaries page, click the + sign.

    The Add Dictionary dialog is displayed

  2. Enter the following details:

    • The Name of the dictionary (required)

    • The Description of the dictionary.

    • The Key field is not editable because it is populated by the system. You have the option to add IPv4 and IPv6 address regexes as an option under Key description for regexes and used to lookup dictionary content.

    • The required File name.

  3. Select the required Type: Exact, Pattern, or Fuzzy match.


    For pattern dictionaries, see Pattern Validation. .

  4. Select Apply For. The choices are content or metaname. If you select metaname, for pattern type dictionaries, you have the choice to apply the input tags directly to the resource. See Add Meta Tags Directly to Dictionary.

  5. Select the Status (enabled by default).

  6. Click Save.

    The dictionary is added.

Add meta tags directly to a dictionary

When you create a new dictionary of type pattern, you can apply meta tags directly to a data source. The option appears after you select the combination of pattern and metaname.