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Known Issues in PrivaceraCloud release

The known issues for each PrivaceraCloud release are listed here.

The US_PHONE_NUMBER tag does not get tagged for unstructured file scanning because of a multiple model conflict.

Workaround: When AU models are disabled, the US_PHONE_NUMBER tag is tagged while scanning unstructured files.

Follow the steps to disable the AU models:

  1. Navigate to Discovery > Models.

  2. Click the edit icon next to the following AU models.




  3. In the Edit Model dialog, click the Model Status toggle, and then click Save.

When a user creates a delta table with an external location, a tmp folder with the name "__PLACEHOLDER__ is created at the parent level.

Example 8. 

Create a table on location s3://sample-bucket/parent1/parent2/table, then check permissions on s3://sample-bucket/parent1___PLACEHOLDER__.

Workaround: The user must create one policy s3://sample-bucket/parent1___PLACEHOLDER__ with all permissions in order to create a table.