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Privacera Documentation

Enable underscores in NGINX

The underscore character is used frequently in configuration of Privacera Platform.

However, by default, the NGINX service that Privacera deploys does not allow underscores and filters out data that contains an underscore.

To enable underscores, you need to modify the deployed NGINX controller configuration map, which are deployed to Kubernetes pods.


You must have deployed Privacera Platform to a Kubernetes pod and must know the name of controller namespace.


  1. Find the configmap in the namespace in which NGINX controller is deployed.

    kubectl get cm -n <CONTROLLER_NAMESPACE>

    For example, NGINX ingress controller might be named ingress-nginx-controller.

  2. Edit the configmap to add enable-underscores-in-headers: "true" in the data section of configmap.

  3. Save the configmap.

  4. Restart the deployment so the new configuration takes effect:

    kubectl rollout restart deployment <NGINX_CONTROLLER_DEPLOYMENT_NAME> -n <CONTROLLER_NAMESPACE>