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Privacera Documentation

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Create and manage IP addresses on PrivaceraCloud

Policy updates and user access to data resources can be restricted to whitelisted IP addresses and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) identifiers. User access to resource servers is controlled on a more granular level by defining how specific IP addresses can access data sources.

To create and manage allowed IP addresses:

  1. On the Account page, expand the Manage IP Address section.

    The Manage IP Address page appears.

  2. Click ADD NEW IP RANGE.

  3. From the Add IP Range configuration screen, choose one of the following options:

    1. Enter a single IP address. For IP address range should be separated by a /.

    2. Select the Allow All checkbox to enable all IP addresses.

  4. Enter description which is optional.

  5. Select the access traffic type from the list.

    • Privacera Encryption Services (PEG)

    • Data Access

    • API Access

    • PrivaceraCloud

    • *All

  6. Click the toggle button to enable or disable this IP address configuration.

  7. Click ADD IP RANGE.