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Privacera Documentation

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Data Explorer on Privacera Platform

To access the Data Explorer screen, select Data Inventory > Data Explorer from the navigation menu.

Add or edit tags

On the Data Explorer screen, you can add and remove tags to and from resources.

To update a resource in Data Explorer, follow these steps:

  1. In the Data Explorer screen, click ADD / EDIT.

  2. Modify the Tags.

  3. Click Save.

    The resource is updated.

The Update Resource dialog is displayed.

Filter the Data Explorer page

There are two ways to filter data on the Data Explorer screen:

  • Search by Resource: View results by resource name.

  • Search by Tags: View results by tags.

To view the resource details, click the folder link and the file name.

Add or remove or scan a resource from Data Explorer

To add, remove or scan a resource:

  1. Enable the following property under Settings > System Configurations > Portal Properties > Discovery Scan section:

    Enable Scan Resource on Data Explorer
  2. In the Data Explorer screen, select the resource and click the ellipsis under Actions column.

    The following options are displayed:

    Table 62. 



    Add / Edit Tags

    You can add and remove tags to and from resources

    Add to Include Resource

    You can add a resource to Include Resource list

    Remove from Include Resource

    You can remove a resource from Include Resource list

    Scan Resource

    You can scan a resource

  3. Select the required option to add or remove or scan a resource.