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Add Databricks Spark SQL data source on Privacera Platform


Have the following details ready to enter into the data source definition in Privacera:

  • A username and password in the target system that has read/write permission.

  • The name of the JDBC driver you need.

  • A JDBC connection string to communicate with the target data source.

To add Databricks Spark SQL data source in Privacera Platform:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Data Source Registration.

  2. (Optional) Click Add System or modify an existing data source.

  3. Enter a name and description for the data source and click Save.

  4. Locate the new data source system name and from the wrench icon select Add Data Source.

  5. In the Add Data Source dialog, on the Choose tab, select Databricks Spark SQL.

  6. On the Configure tab:

  7. Enter a required Application Name of your choice.

  8. Enter a required Application Code of your choice. This is an identifier for your own use.

  9. If you have prepared a properties file in JSON format, click Import Properties and load the file.

  10. Scroll to find the following properties and enter the values you prepared:

    1. jdbc.username: Enter the Email ID used to login to the Databricks account console.

    2. jdbc.password: On Databricks account console:

      1. Navigate to Settings > User Settings > Access Tokens.

      2. Click Generate New Token.

      3. Use the Token as your password.

    3. jdbc.url: On the Databricks account console:

      1. Click Compute and select the Cluster.

      2. Navigate to Advance Options and click JDBC/ODBC tab.

      3. Copy the URL from the JBDC URL section and update as shown in the following example:

        Original URL:
        New URL:
  11. Accept the default values for all other properties or modify them if needed.

  12. At the bottom left, to verify the properties, click Test Connection.


    Your Databricks cluster should be up and running before clicking Test Connection.

  13. At the bottom right, click Next to save the data source or Back to return to the Choose tab.