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Privacera Documentation

Connect LDAP/AD to PrivaceraCloud

You can connect Lightweight Directory Access Protocol/Active Directory (LDAP/AD) to PrivaceraCloud for authentication, group and user management, and policy administration.

To connect LDAP/AD to PrivaceraCloud, follow these steps:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Settings > Identity.

  2. Click the LDAP/AD section.

    You can see the configure LDAP/Active Directory section.

  3. Click IMPORT PROPERTIES to browse and import application properties.

  4. Complete the remaining fields to connect to your LDAP or AD server. Click the i button to see more information about each field.

  5. If you wish to use SSL, then select the LDAP SSL toggle button.

  6. In the LDAP SSL Certificate box, click the upload button and upload SSL certificate.


    Make sure the value for:

    • LDAP Authentication Mechanism is simple or anonymous.


  7. If your LDAP/AD requires additional properties, include them in the Add Custom Properties.


    LDAP Connector search returns 1000 line items per page by default. For UserSync via LDAP with a large number of users/groups, it is advised to enable paging. For more information, see Add UserSync connectors.

  8. Click the TEST CONNECTION button to check if the connection is successful, and then click Save.

For more information on how to customize user details on synchronization, see Customize user details on sync.