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Privacera Documentation

Data owner: Privacera Discovery scans

This example is for the data owner in Governed Data Stewardship.

To start a scan of a resource in a shared dataset, check the scan status, and view the results:
  1. Go to Datasets > Data Domains.

  2. Click the name of the desired data domain.

  3. Click the desired shared dataset and drill down to see the resources included in that shared dataset.

  4. To scan the desired resource, on the right at the end of the row, click the scan icon:


    The scan ID is displayed.

  5. To check scan status, on the left, click Discovery > Scan Status, find the desired scan ID, and note its status.

After the scan is complete, a summary of the classification is viewable at Datasets > Shared Datasets > name of desired shared datatset > INFO tab.