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Common errors and warnings in Privacera Platform YAML config files

When you run the yaml_check command, it analyzes the YAML files and displays any errors/warnings, if found.

The following table lists the error and warning messages that will be displayed when you run the check.

Error/Warning Message



Warning: Too many blank lines (1 > 0) (empty-lines)

There are empty lines in the YAML file.

Review the file config/custom-vars/ and remove the empty lines

Error: Too many spaces before colon (colons)

Extra space(s) found in the variable before the colon(:) at line X. It needs to be removed.

Review config/sample-vars/ and remove the space before quotes.

Error: String value is not quoted with any quotes (quoted-strings)

A variable value at line X is not quoted.

Review the file config/sample-vars/ and add the quotes.

Error: Syntax error: expected <block end>, but found '{' (syntax)

Syntax errors found in the YAML file.

Review the variables in file config/custom-vars/, it could be a missing quote ( ' ) or bracket ( } ).

Warning: Too few spaces before comment (comments)

Space is missing between variable and comment.

Comment should start after a single space or from the next line.

Error: Duplication of key "AWS_REGION" in mapping (key-duplicates)

Variable 'X' has been used twice in the file.

Review the file and remove one of the duplicate variables.