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Privacera Documentation

Change password for Privacera Platform services

Installed services

The steps to change the login password for Portal and Ranger Admin were tested in an environment where the following services were installed using PM CLI:

  • Privacera Core Components

  • Dataserver

  • Discovery on Databricks

Change the login password for Portal and Ranger

  1. To edit the Portal password:

    In the Portal UI, go to Settings > User Management and then click Edit.

  2. To edit the Ranger password:

    In the Ranger Admin UI, go to Admin > Profile and click on Change Password tab.

  3. In a terminal where Privacera is installed:

    a. Create a vars.password.yml file:

    vi ~/privacera/privacera-manager/config/custom-vars/vars.password.yml

    b. The passwords for Portal and Ranger Admin have been changed using the steps above, now set the new passwords in PORTAL_PADMIN_PASSWORD for Portal, and RANGER_ADMIN_PASSWORD for Ranger Admin.

    PORTAL_PADMIN_PASSWORD: "<new portal password>"
    RANGER_ADMIN_PASSWORD: "<new ranger password>"
    RANGER_USERSYNC_PASSWORD: "<new ranger password>"
    USERSYNC_RANGERUSERSYNC_PASSWORD: "<new ranger password>"

    c. Run the update.

    cd ~/privacera/privacera-manager/ ./ update

You can log in to Portal and Ranger Admin using the new passwords.