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Privacera Documentation

Prerequisites for installing Privacera Platform on Kubernetes

There are various prerequisites for installing Privacera Platform on Kubernetes.

  • Dedicated Kubernetes cluster: For security reasons, we recommend you have Kubernetes dedicated for Privacera.

  • Kubernetes namespace: Privacera automatically creates the namespace in the Kubernetes cluster. You have the option to use an existing namespace and make it available during the Privacera Platform installation.

  • IAM roles for NodeGroups (AWS): The NodeGroups where Privacera's pods run need the IAM roles based on the services enabled. For a complete list, see AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) on Privacera Platform.

Install kubectl

kubectl is a tool used to interact with your Kubernetes cluster. To install the kubectl (Kubernetes CLI), see Install Tools.

Cluster authentication

Cluster details such as users, namespaces, and authentication mechanisms are defined in the kubeconfig file. A kubeconfig file is a file used to configure access to Kubernetes when used in conjunction with the kubectl tool.

When you create your Kubernetes cluster, the kubeconfig file is automatically generated. For more information, refer to the Kubernetes documentation.

By default, the kubeconfig file is generated at the location ~/.kube/config. The kubectl checks for the file at this location.

If the file is not generated at the location, then you can create one. See the following links for each platform: