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Privacera Documentation

Overview to examples by role

As background, see the following:

These examples of step-by-step procedures show how the various roles use PrivaceraCloud to implement portions of Governed Data Stewardship.


  • These example steps are presented in a logical sequence of an organization's hypothetical use.

  • The steps do not show all possible features or functions of Governed Data Stewardship.

  • In day-to-day work, you will discover additional sequences of steps not explicitly detailed here.

  1. The account administrator creates a data domain and assigns a data owner.

  2. The data owner creates a shared dataset and delegates it to a data steward.

  3. The data owner runs a Privacera Discovery scan on a dataset to discover and classify sensitive data.

  4. The data steward shares a data domain with data users.

  5. The project leader manages data users' requests to access datasets.