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Privacera Documentation

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Discovery Health Check

The Discovery Health Check creates notifications about the status of Privacera Discovery.

To view the notifications, click the bell icon in the Privacera portal header. The Critical Issues or Warnings dialog displays.

Critical Issues or Warnings dialog

The Critical Issues or Warnings dialog displays the following information:

  • State: The state of the notification: Ok , Warning, or Critical.

  • Version: The software version number.

  • Service - Component: The name of the service or component, such as Discovery.

  • Type: The type of issue or warning, such as process or general.

  • Last Updated: The last time the issue or warning was updated. You can hover over the column to view the exact date and time.

  • Description: A description of the issue or warning.

  • Expiry Time: The expiry date of the Keytab. The state of the notification is changed depending on the expiry date.

Add Keytab expiry date

You need to always keep the Keytab expiry date current so you can be notified whenever the Keytab expires.

To add a Keytab expiry date, follow these steps:

  1. Click the notification icon in the Privacera portal header.

  2. Under the Expiry Time column, click the date picker and select an expiry date.

  3. Click Close.

    The Keytab expiry date is updated.

Keytab notification states

There are three notification states: Normal, Warning, and Critical.


The Normal state displays the bell icon in gray. This means that no action is needed.


The Warning state displays the bell icon in orange. This happens 10 days before the Keytab expires. This means that you update the Keytab before it expires to keep Privacera services running.


The Critical state displays the bell icon in red. This happens when Keytab has expired. This indicates that the Keytab needs to be renewed to keep Privacera services up and running.