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Privacera Documentation

Set up cross-project scanning on Privacera Platform

  • Project should be created on GCP console.

  • Cluster should have access to all cross projects.

  • Create a topic on GCP console.

  1. From the navigation menu, select Settings > Data Source Registration.

  2. Under GCP system, click +Add New Data Source > Google Cloud Storage.

  3. From the Add Data Source dialogue box, select and enter the following properties:

    • Project Id: ${PROJECT_ID} (Mandatory)

    • scan.result.topic: '${Scan_Topic_Name}` (Mandatory). Use the same topic name which you have created as part of prerequisites.

    • ${Specify_ID_of_Cross_Project}. If you do not specify the project ID of cross project, the system will consider it your default project ID.

  4. To verify the configuration, click Test Connection.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Log on to the GCP console and click Topic.

  7. Search for the topic name, then click VIEW MESSAGES on top panel.

  8. Click PULL, and expand the respective message to view the details.