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Configure Redshift Spectrum in PrivaceraCloud


Due to limitations, EXTERNAL SCHEMA support for Row Level Filter and Column Masking is not recommended.

Enable external schemas

To enable external schemas, perform the following steps:


This Enable external schema toggle button should not be enabled without consent after reading the documentation.

  1. Go to Settings > Applications.

  2. Select the Redshift application, which is already linked to PrivaceraCloud.

  3. Click the Account Name or the edit button for the account on which you want to enable Redshift Spectrum.

  4. In the Access Management section, click the toggle button.

  5. In the ADVANCED tab, click the Enable external schema toggle button.

  6. In the Confirmation window, click YES, and then click SAVE.

Configure Redshift Spectrum properties

The values in the following fields must be left blank:

Secure view name prefix
Secure view name postfix 

The value of one of the following fields must be set:

Secure view schema name prefix
Secure view schema name postfix