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Privacera Documentation

Connect Dataproc to PrivaceraCloud

This topic describes how to connect a Dataproc application to PrivaceraCloud, obtain an installation script, and install Privacera Plug-In Dataproc.


Use a working Kerberized Dataproc environment.

Connect Dataproc application to PrivaceraCloud

  1. Go to Setting > Applications.

  2. On the Applications screen, select Dataproc.

  3. Enter the application Name and Description, and then click Save.

  4. Click the toggle button to enable Access Management for your application.

  5. In the Installation Script section, click the Copy URL button, and then click Save.

    You have now obtained the installed script; save this URL, which will be required in the following section.

Configure Privacera Plugin in Dataproc

  1. SSH to the master node of the Dataproc cluster.

  2. Run the following commands to execute the setup script:

    sudo su - 
    mkdir -p /opt/privacera/downloads
    cd /opt/privacera/downloads
    wget <dataproc-script-download-url>
    chmod +x

    Replace <dataproc-script-download-url> with the copied installation script.