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Connect Databricks SQL to Hive policy repository on PrivaceraCloud

To use Databricks SQL with the Privacera Hive policy repository requires Hive-specific configuration in following steps:

  1. To use Databricks SQL with Privacera Hive, you need to connect Databricks application which internally creates privacera_hive. You need to connect the Databricks application, enable access, and save it.

  2. Additionally, configure the following properties for Hive when you Configure Databricks SQL PolicySync on PrivaceraCloud.

    • In the System config field, add the following value:

    • In the ADVANCED tab, add the following properties. This example uses the number 0 as the connector key.



Prior to PrivaceraCloud version 4.2, if you have experienced that PolicySync with databricks_sql_analytics or hive service did not handle Ranger user/group/roles updates, add the following property where the number 4 is the connector key. This will push the new users to the Databricks workspace forcefully.


Hive-to-Databricks SQL Permission Mapping

Hive Permission

Databricks SQL Permission


Usage, ReadMetadata, Select


Usage, modify

Create in the database

Usage, Create in the database

Create on the UDF

Usage, CreateNamedFunction


No equivalent


No equivalent