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Generate token, access key, and secret key on Privacera Platform

This topic describes how to generate an access key and secret key on Privacera Platform. These keys are used for to secure access to your Privacera account through programs and other mechanisms.

Perform following steps to generate token, access key, and secret key on Privacera Platform:

  1. Login to Privacera platform portal.

  2. Go to Launch Pad > Privacera Token > GENERATE TOKEN.

    The Generate Token dialog box displays.

  3. Type your username and purpose in the User and Purpose field respectively.

  4. Select Never Expires checkbox Check.png and click GENERATE TOKEN.

    The unique Access Key and Secret Key are generated.

  5. Click Copy to Clipboard symbol Copy_rounded.png to copy and use the Access key and/or Secret key for any further use.