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Privacera Documentation

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Portal user management

User Management creates and manages portal users. Portal users are identified by username, password, and role and allowed to access your Privacera account.

Portal users are assigned a Role. Each Role establishes a set of permissions.


Description and Permissions


General administrator for Account. All permissions, including Account User Management.


Administrator for establishing policy.


Can access data as established by Policies.


Can review Audit information, but can not review data directly.


All permissions to Discovery module.


All permissions to Discovery module except Delete functionality.


Read-only permission to Discovery module.


Read-only permission to Discovery module.


Read-only permission to Discovery module along with hiding sample values of classifications.

Portal users are not the same as data access users who are consumers of information stored in the data repositories.

Data access users are managed in Users, groups, and roles.

Your account is created with a single ROLE_ACCOUNT_ADMIN role user with registered user's username and password, referred to as the Account Admin. The Account Admin (and any User with the role ROLE_ACCOUNT_ADMIN) can create additional portal users.

Add Privacera portal users

  1. On the Privacera home page, expand the Settings menu and click on User Management from left menu.

  2. Click +Add.

  3. In the Add User dialog, enter the following details:

    • First Name (Mandatory)

    • Last Name

    • Email Id

    • User Name (Mandatory)

    • Select Role (Mandatory)

    • New Password

    • Confirm Password


    Email ID of a user must be unique. No two users can share the same email ID, because the email ID of the second user will appear blank.

  4. Click Save.

Edit or delete Privacera portal users

  1. On the Privacera home page, expand the Settings menu and click on User Management from left menu.

  2. Click Edit (pencil icon) for the user.

  3. Edit the user details.


    You are not allowed to change the Username once it is created. Hence, Username and editable.

  4. Click Save.

  5. To delete a user, click the Delete icon next to the user name.

Edit Privacera portal user profiles

  1. On the Privacera home page, click on Username and then click on Profile on top-right.

  2. Edit the profile properties. Profile pop-up displays.

  3. Change the password.

    1. Click Edit next to the Old Password.

    2. Enter the old password.

    3. Enter the new password and confirm it.