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Privacera Documentation

Connect MinIO to Privacera Platform using the Data Access Server

You can connect MinIO to Privacera Platform using the Data Access Server.

Install MinIO

  1. SSH to the EC2 instance.

  2. Create the download directory.

    sudo su mkdir -p /tmp/downloads 
    cd /tmp/downloads
  3. Download the MinIO install script.

    wget -O
  4. Run the following script.

    chmod a+x 
  5. Check the MinIO docker service.

    docker ps | grep minio
  6. Stop running as the sudo user.


Configure AWS CLI to connect MinIO

  1. Run the following commands in the node where aws cli is installed.

     aws configure
     AWS Access Key ID: ${MINIO_ACCESS_KEY}
     AWS Secret Access Key: ${MINIO_SECRET_KEY}
     #this can be configured as per the region your want to use
     Default region name: us-east-1
     Default output format: json
  2. List the MinIO buckets.

    aws s3 ls s3:///

Configure data access server to connect MinIO

  1. Open the Data Access Server properties file.

     vi ~/privacera/docker/dataserver/conf/
  2. Set the following properties:



    • dataserver2s3.apiKey=${MINIO_ACCESS_KEY}

    • dataserver2s3.secretKey=${MINIO_SECRET_KEY}

    • Server host and port properties:

      • dataserver.v2.s3.endpoint.enable=true


      • dataserver.v2.s3.endpoint.port=${MINIO_SERVER_PORT}

      • dataserver.v2.s3.endpoint.ssl= {set to true, if ssl enabled in minio server}

  3. Save the properties file and restart the Data Access Server.

     cd ~/privacera/docker
     ./privacera_services restart dataserver

Configure Privacera AWS CLI to connect MinIO via data access server

  1. Get the Privacera access, secret keys from Privacera Platform portal.

  2. Download

  3. Configure privacera token.

    ./ --config-token
  4. Enable proxy mode.

    . ~/ --enable-proxy
  5. Check the status.

    . ~/ --status
  6. List MinIO buckets.

    aws s3 ls s3:///
  7. Test endpoint mode, to enable endpoint mode.

    . ~/ --enable-endpoint
  8. List MinIO buckets.

    aws s3 ls s3:/// --endpoint-url ${DATSERVER_HOST}:${DATASERVER_PORT}
  9. Configure Privacera Portal to connect to MinIO via Data Access Server.