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PrivaceraCloud Documentation

Create PrivaceraCloud account


The first account created on Privacera is assigned an administrator role and can add other users to this account.

  1. Sign up for an account at


    Complete the form and click on Sign Up up to the confirm the request.

  2. Your request is reviewed by a Privacera Sales Representative.

    A confirmation email will be sent. Example: Similar message will be received on the registered email.

  3. Approved enrollers will receive an email with an assigned account number and requesting confirmation.

  4. Confirmation completes the account setup and first-user creation.

First steps in a new account

Your account is now established.

Start by logging into your account at with your registered username and password. The first user is assigned the administrator role ("ROLE_ACCOUNT_ADMIN")

When the user logs in for the first time, a Connect applications with the setup wizard is launched. Before using the setup wizard, recommend to see the Data access methods.