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PrivaceraCloud Documentation



It provides the following information:

  • A summary view of all defined policies.

  • Optional export of displayed results.

  • An alternate means of locating a policy and opening it for edit.


Search/Filter Options

  • Basic Filters

    • Policy Type > Select policy type > Access, Mask, or Row Level Filter.

    • Policy Name > Filter by policy name.

  • Advanced Filters:

    • Component: Specify the resource or tag component. For example: Hive, S3, DynamoDB, tag.

    • Resource: Specify the resource path used while creating the policy.

    • Policy Label: Specify the policy label.

    • Group or Username: Specify the group or user name assigned to the policy.

    • Zone Name: Specify the security zone name.

View/Edit Reports

The opening table displays all Access policies. Use the search / filter controls to limit or select a different policy type group. Use the + icon to expand the view for specific conditions,

Example: Allow Conditions, Allow Exclude, Deny Conditions, and Deny Exclude.

To open a Policy for edit, click on the Policy ID.

Export Policy Reports

  • Click the Export button and select the file format.

  • The report will contain the same policies as are displayed in the grid.

  • Export supports the following formats CSV, Excel, and JSON.