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Pub-Sub topic - message scan
Pub-Sub Topic - message scan

Ensure that following prerequisites are met:

  • Project should be created on GCP console.

  • Cluster should have access to cross projects.

  • Topics to be scanned, should be created under Google Project ID on GCP console.

  • Pub-Sub result scan topic should be created on GCP console. Eg. pub_sub_scan_result_topic_t1

  1. On the Privacera Portal, go to Settings, and then click Data Source Registration.

  2. Under GCP system, +Add New Data Source, and then select Google Pub-Sub.

  3. On the Add Data Source dialogue, enter the following properties:

    • Google Project Id (Mandatory): ${PROJECT_ID}

    • pubsub.topic.request.user

    • pubsub.scan.result.topic.prefix: By default, this field auto-populate "pub_sub_scan_result" as prefix.

      Example: Topic to scan: topic_t1

      Pubsub scan result: pub_sub_scan_result_topic_t1


      User is allowed to enter the custom prefix as well, as per the choice.

    • scan.result.topic: ${Scan_Topic_Name}

      Scan.result.topic should be created under If is not specified, then Scan.result.topic will consider default project id.

    • ${Specify_ID_of_Project}

      If you do not specify the ID of project then system will consider default project id.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Now, add a new Pub-Sub Topic which you want to submit for scan.

    a. Log on to GCP console, and navigate to Project > Pub/Sub topics and then click CREATE TOPIC.

  6. Go back to Privacera Portal > Data Source, and then select gcp-Google Pub-Sub from Application list.

    a. Under Include Resource, click +Add, and then enter the pub sub topic name. Eg. privacera_scan_topic.

  7. Publish a message on the topic which is added in Include Resource for gcp-Google Pub-Sub.

    a. Go to GCP console, and then navigate to Topic > PUBLISH MESSAGE

    b. Enter the message in the Message body.


    Only the text format is supported in the Message body.

    c. Click PUBLISH.

  8. Now, on the Privacera home page, expand the Data Inventory menu, and then click on Classification from left menu.

  9. On the Classification page, select the Pub-sub topic name from search, and then look for the tags which are tagged under Tag column.


    Classification is applied as soon as you publish message from GCP console i.e. only for the latest scanned message will be visible on the classification page.

  10. Go to the GCP console, and then check the Pub-Sub scan result topic which was created to publish the scan result, it should have the scan result for all the messages.