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Privacera Platform

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Privacera Platform Release 6.5


This document contains information about the new features and enhancements in Privacera products and services, updates to supported third-party systems, and important announcements for this release. Release notes are available with every new version of the Privacera software package.

Each release comes with product documentation that explains any new features or enhancements.

Certify Dremio versions 20.0 and 21.0 for FGAC support

Dremio versions 20.0 and 21.0 have been certified to include FGAC support.

Attribute-based access control for PolicySync connectors

Attribute-based access control (user/group) is supported for Azure SQL Database, Databricks SQL, AWS Redshift, AWS Snowflake, AWS RDS PostgresSQL, Amazon Aurora PostgresSQL, CloudSQL PostgresSQL and Google BigQuery.

Support access control for Varada Trino connector

The Varada Trino connector now supports access control at the schema/table/row/column level.

Support of JWT token authorization in EMR FGAC

JWT token authorization is supported in EMR FGAC.

Preview: Sync PingFederate and OneLogin identities to Privacera via UserSync

PingFederate and OneLogin identities can now be synced to Privacera via UserSync.

Support of LDAP/AD to the Privacera UserSync for case-insensitive group mapping option.

Privacera UserSync supports LDAP/AD and offers a case-insensitive group mapping option.

Support of OLAC for Databricks with DBX PrivateLink enabled environments

Databricks PrivateLink enabled environments support OLAC for Databricks (AWS).

Cost optimization in Snowflake PolicySync

By forgoing the cost of cloud services, Snowflake PolicySync lowers expenses. We have modified our metadata-loading query strategy in order to cut costs.

Support of DataAdmin Permission and Secure View Concept for the Microsoft SQL/Synapse

By default, Microsoft SQL/Synapse now supports DataAdmin Permission and Secure View Concept. If you have installed the MSSQL connector prior to the 6.4 release, contact the Privacera support team for the necessary configuration.

Introducing new macros for ABAC

New macros have been added to improve support for attribute-based access control. For more information, see Use Macros with Attribute-Based Access Control.

Support of column masking or row-level filtering policy for the PUBLIC group in RedShift PolicySync connector

The RedShift PolicySync connector supports column masking or row-level filtering policies for the PUBLIC group.

CREATE DATABASE privilege for a specific user and the PUBLIC group in the RedShift PolicySync connector

Granting the PUBLIC group and a specific user the CREATE DATABASE privilege in a policy now works perfectly with the RedShift PolicySync connector.

New masking function in Snowflake PolicySync for numeric dataType columns

Previously, PolicySync used 0 as the default masking value for numeric dataType columns; now, PolicySync will use the HASH() function from Snowflake to mask numeric dataType columns. As a result, existing policies that were previously created with 0 as the masking value will need to be disabled and enabled to reflect the new masking function, i.e., HASH().

Support of Discovery offline and real-time scans by Databricks v10.4 LTS

Databricks version 10.4 LTS supports Discovery offline and real-time scans.

For more details on the following custom properties, see Discovery Custom Properties.






Introducing masking

Support for Nullify and Redact as a masking option.

Deprecation of older version of PolicySync

Installation support for PolicySync V1 has been removed starting with the Privacera Manager and Documentation release. Manual configuration for PolicySync V1 is still available between the 6.3 and 6.4 releases.

Upgrade Prerequisites

For version 6.5 the AWS CLI Version must be upgraded to Version 2, see 6.5 Platform Installation fails with invalid apiVersion to learn more.

This is recommended for all AWS customers. Before upgrading your clusters to Amazon EKS v1.23, make sure that csidrivers for EBS storage are installed in your cluster. For more information, see Kubernetes blog.

Supported versions of third-party systems

For more information about the versions of third-party systems that Privacera Platform supports, see "Platform 6.x" table in  

Documentation changelog

For documentation updates in this release, see PrivaceraCloud documentation changelog.PrivaceraCloud documentation changelog