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Privacera Platform

Offline Reports


Reports that result in a large number of rows and that would require much time to export are moved to Offline Reports. To view offline reports, select Reports > Offline Reports from the navigation menu. The Offline Reports page shows the status of every report export operation.

The Offline Reports page displays the following information:

  • Job Id: The job ID of the offline report.

  • Job Status: The job status. For example: success or failed.

  • Report Name: The name of the report.

  • Created By: The name of the user who created the report.

  • Create Time: The report creation date and time.

  • End Time: The report creation end date and time.

  • File Path: The location of the file.

  • File Size: The file size of the report.

  • Action: Download the offline report.

Reports with more than million rows are exported in zip format.

Download offline reports

If the Job Status of a report is Success, you can download the report.

To download offline reports, follow these steps:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Reports > Offline Reports.

  2. Click the Download Report icon in the Actions column.

    The report is downloaded.