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Privacera Platform

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How to Get Support


Contact Technical Support if you need assistance with a Privacera product.

Privacera support is available as follows:

  • Use the Privacera Support Portal to log a ticket (registration required).

  • Call 1-888-768-9054 (toll free) or 1-510-751-1852 (international).

  • Use the Privacera Support Portal (account required)

Set up a Privacera Support Portal Account

  1. Request an account by calling Privacera or by emailing

    You will receive an email invitation from Zendesk.

  2. Follow the instructions in the email to create your account.

  3. Note your login credentials and bookmark the login page.

Create Tickets

  1. From the Privacera Support portal home page, click Submit a request.

    The Submit a request page displays.

  2. Enter the ticket information. Fields are required unless otherwise noted.

    • Privacera Deployment Platform - Select your environment from the list.

    • Privacera Version - The software version running on your system.

    • Ticket Severity - Describes the impact of the issue.

      • Severity 1 (Urgent) - Critical application or service functionality is no longer operational. No workaround identified. (Applies to Production installations only.)

      • Severity 2 (High) - Critical application or service functionality semi-operational but impact is business-critical. May or may not have a workaround.

      • Severity 3 (Normal) - Other problems including user interface assistance, configuration assistance, deployment assistance, and application upgrades.

      • Severity 4 (Low) - Low-risk issues or requests for information. Doesn't impact the business.

  3. Click Submit.

The system sends a status update by email when you create a ticket and when Privacera Support updates it.

View Your Tickets

On the portal home page, click your user name and select My activities form the list.

In addition to the fields used to create the ticket, you will see:

  • Id - The system-generated ticket number.

  • Status - The state that the ticket is in.

  • Support Assignee: The support engineer assigned to work on your ticket.

  • Priority: Mapped to ticket severity as follows:

    • Urgent: S1.

    • High: S2.

    • Normal: S3.

    • Low: S3.

Support Ticket Lifecycle

A ticket moves through these phases:

  • New: Initial state when you create a ticket.

  • Open: A support agent is assigned to the ticket.

  • awaiting your reply: The agent is waiting for more information from you.

  • Solved: The agent has resolved the issue.

  • Closed: Seven days after a ticket is set to Solved, the user can no longer update or post new comments but there will be a link to create a followup ticket if needed.

PrivaceraCloud Support

PrivaceraCloud Support is available for registered customers in a number of ways, via email, phone, and permitted remote access.

Permitted Remote Access

This feature enables Privacera Support to provide support by accessing your account as an authorized user. Remote support will have the same role as the authorizing user.

Unless otherwise requested, Privacera Support will not view or access information in individual accounts and does not have rights or access to log on to PrivaceraCloud account.

In some cases, however, its useful to allow access by Privacera Support in order to assist with configuration changes or to access and assist with policy definitions. For those purposes, PrivaceraCloud account administrators may request and enable time-limited remote access by Privacera Support. Authorization is token based and the token is limited to 24 hours and can be revoked by the authorizing user at any point prior to the 24 hour limit.

The access functions as an impersonation, so that the PrivaceraCloud Support login sees exactly what the authorizing user sees.

Setting this up is a multi-step process. To initiate this support, contact Privacera Support. You will be providing with a time-limited token, so coordinate with them in advance.


  1. Open the username menu (upper right navigation bar).

  2. Under "Need Help?", click on "Contact Privacera Support".

  3. That will open the Contact Privacera Support dialog, with a large GENERATE TOKEN FOR PRIVACERA SUPPORT button. Click this button.

  4. The dialog will update and display a six digit support token. Provide this value to Privacera Support by secure methods (phone or encrypted text message).

  5. The username menu will update to reflect that a support token is active, along with two new options: "Terminate" and Show Token List. (Show Token List will be added to this menu after the first use of Contact Privacera Support).

  6. You may use Terminate at any point while the support token is active, to revoke its use.

  7. You may also open Show Token List at any point. It will display a list of active and inactive tokens. You may also revoke any active tokens from this list.