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Privacera Platform

Discovery Dashboard


The Discovery Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to a particular objective or business process.

To view the Discovery Dashboard, expand the Discovery menu and click Dashboard.

The Discovery Dashboard is divided into three major sections:

  • Summary

  • Graphs

  • Trends


For each summary, hover over the info icon to view a description. The following information is displayed:

  • Files Scanned: The number of files scanned by Discovery across all file systems.

  • Columns Scanned: The number of columns scanned by Discovery including all tabular data.

  • Total Scanned: The number of total resources scanned by Discovery.

  • Unique Tags Found: The number of uniquely identified tags found by Discovery.

  • Tags Applied: The number of tags applied automatically by Discovery.

  • Tags Pending Review: The number of tags requiring review.


The following information is displayed in the Graphs section of the Discovery Dashboard:

  • Data Map: A ring chart displaying the percentages of data sources that have been scanned.

  • Datazones: A bar chart displaying the number of datazones that have been scanned.

Discovery Dashboard controls

Alerts and notifications appear in the uppermost bar. For a related dashboard, see Alerts Dashboard.

Click the Refresh icon to refresh the lists in the Discovery Dashboard.

The Discovery Dashboard has the following search filters:

  • Search by Application: View scan results by application name.

  • Search by Datazone: View scan results by datazone.

  • Search by Tags: View scan results by tags.

You can also search by a specific date range. To use a specific date range filter, keep the ON/OFF toggle set to ON. You can search by the following date ranges:

  • Today.

  • Yesterday.

  • Last 7 Days (default).

  • Last 30 Days.

  • This Month.

  • Last Month.

  • Custom Range.