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Privacera Platform

Debugging and logging

Debugging and logging
Generate verbose logs

When you start install Privacera, only the Ansible task names get displayed on the terminal. If you want to view the underlying details of a task, do the following;

  1. Open ansible.cfg.

    vi ~/privacera/privacera-manager/config/ansible.cfg
  2. Change verbosity to 1. You can change the verbosity value from 1 to 5.

  3. Uncomment stdout_callback to display the output on the terminal.

View installation logs

After the installation is completed, the logs get stored at the location, logs/pm/ with the filename as pm_run_<date_and_time>.log. Also, logs are generated when an installation is aborted.

To list all the generated logs, run the following command:

ls logs/pm/

To view a generated log, run the following command:

vi logs/pm/pm_run_<date_and_time>.log