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Privacera Platform

Data Zone Dashboard


Data zones are used to group and label areas within your data lake to serve specific, well defined purposes. You can apply different policies and workflows to the resources in your data zones for tailored control over your data.

Datazone - Information page

Information about individual data zones can be viewed on the Datazone - Information page.

To view the Datazone - Information page, do the following:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Compliance Workflow > Data Zone Dashboard.

  2. Select the data zone you want to view.

    The Datazone - Information page displays.

The Datazone - Information page displays the following information:

  • Resource: The list of resources.

  • Tag: The list of tags.

    • Show All Tag: View all of the tags. By default, this is disabled.

    • Add / Edit: Add or edit the existing tags.

Datazone - Information page search filters

You can apply the following search filters on the Datazone - Information page:

  • Search by Resource: Search using resource names.

  • Search by Application: Filter results by selecting an application from the dropdown menu.

  • Search by Tags: Filter results by selecting tags from the dropdown menu.