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Privacera Platform

Create Azure resources

Create Azure resources

Creation of azure resources can be done with managed-identity.

Enable system-assigned managed identity

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Navigate to the Virtual Machine > Identity.

  3. Under System assigned, Status, select On and then click Save.

Assign a role to a managed identity

  1. Select the Access control (IAM).

  2. Select + Add role assignment. In the next step, assign the following 3 roles for the identity:

    • Cosmos DB Operator

    • DocumentDB Account Contributor

    • Storage Account Contributor

  3. In the Add role assignment, configure the following values, and then click Save:

    • Scope: Select the scope.

    • Subscription: Select the subscription.

    • Resource Group: Select the resource group in which you want to create the resources for Discovery

    • Role: Select the role mentioned above.