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Create an endpoint in Databricks SQL
Create an endpoint in Databricks SQL
  1. Login to your Databricks account.

  2. After logging into your Databricks, go to SQL Analytics.

  3. Go to Endpoints and click on New SQL Endpoint.

  4. Create the endpoint as per your requirement as shown below.

  5. After creating endpoint click on the endpoint connection details and note down the JDBC url for configuration with PolicySync.

  6. Click on personal access token to create token.

  7. Click on Generate New Token.

  8. Put the name for the token and validity and click on Generate.

  9. Copy the generated token. This is the JDBC password of the user when connecting from PolicySync, and the email ID of the user is the JDBC username.

  10. Grant Admin privileges.

    1. Go to Workspace.

    2. To access the Admin Console, go to the top right of the workspace UI, click the

      Account Icon

      user account icon, and select Admin Console.

    3. In the Admin column, select the checkbox for the user.