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Privacera Platform

Connect with a client ID and certificate

To configure a connection to the Azure Key Vault with ID and Certificate:

  1. Follow the same steps as in Generate the Client ID in the topic Connect to Key Vault with Client ID and Secret.

  2. Go to the Key Vault generated and select the Certificates>Generate/Import.


    You have the option to generate a certificate outside the vault and import it here.

  3. Select Generate to generate a certificate.

  4. Enter the certificate details as shown below:

  5. In the example shown, a certificate 'test' is generated.

  6. Click on the certificate that is disabled and enable it.

  7. Click open the certificate and download it as shown:


    Download the certificate and. copy the certificate to the SSL folder: ~/privacera/privacera-manager/config/ssl/.

  8. Open the certificate and delete the private key and save the public certificate as shown in this example:

  9. Upload the certificate to the Azure application that was created as follows:

  10. Go the Key vault that was created and click on Access Policies.

  11. Follow the instructions in Add Access Policy.


    The certificate path should be as it is show in the ranger/kms/ and cannot change. Also, if you need a password for the certificate, add it in the .properties file. All fields in the .properties file are required and cannot be removed. Value can be none/dummy.