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Privacera Platform



The Classifications page displays all of the resources that Privacera Discovery has tagged.

Resources are displayed in the Classifications page if their score falls within the range defined in Scan Setup. The default score range is 40 to 70. If a resource falls within this range, it is also tagged.

If the score is below the minimum value (default 40), the tag is ignored and not applied to the resource.

View classifications

To view the Classifications page, select Data Inventory > Classifications from the navigation menu.

The Classifications page displays classifications in a table. Structured data shows all meta-tags, including table-level and file-level, applied on the structured data columns along with their content and meta-tags. This helps to view all the parent tags that were distributed to the children classifications.

The Classifications page displays the following information:

  • Datazone: The name of the datazone.

  • Application: The name of the application.

  • Resource: The name of the resource. Clicking on the resource displays the Resource Detail page. This page is divided into three tabs: Tag Details, Alerts Details, and Lineage, along with their count of records in each tab.

  • Updated On: The date and time of the last update.

  • Tag: A list of tags associated with the particular resource. Clicking on the tag name displays the Data Info dialog, which displays the following information:

    • Field Name: The full file location of the field.

    • Sample Values

    • Reason

    • Score

    • Status: Accepted, Rejected, and Allowed.

    • Status Change Reason

Export classifications by scan ID

To export the classifications from a particular scan ID, click Export for that scan ID and follow the leading prompts.

Search filters

You can filter the results on the Classifications page using the following filters:

  • Partial or Exact Match: Select the type of match you want to filter the resource data.

  • Search by Input resource: This search filter allows you to view the result of resource.

  • Date Filter: You can sort and filter the resource data by Resource Create Time, Classification time, or Turn Off time. You can specify a date range, which is 7 days by default.

  • Search by Application: View by application name.

  • Search by Datazone: View by datazone.

  • Search by Tags: View by tags.

  • Search by Input ScanID: View by scan ID.

  • Query Filters: Apply conditional filters and view the result. For details on how to use the Query Filters, see Reports with the Query Builder.

  • More Filter: This lists additional available filters. As you edit the search filters, the results are dynamically updated to match.

    • Group Tables: View the higher level classification for tables.

    • Group Folders: View the higher level classification for folders.

    • Search by Location: View the result by location (database/table name) of the resource. Additionally, you can search by HDFS location for Hive tables.

    • System Classified: View the results where tag is marked as system-classified.

    • Show Allowed: View the results where tag is marked as show allowed.

    • Deleted: View the results that have been deleted.

    • Reviewed: View the results that has been reviewed.

Edit resources

To edit a resource:

  1. In the Classification page, click Add / Edit.

    The Update Resource dialog is displayed.

  2. Add or modify the Tags.

    The resource is updated.


You can add tags in bulk when you add or edit tags for a resource.

Manually accept, reject, or allow a tag

To manually accept, reject, or allow a system-classified tag:

  1. In the Classification page, select a Tag.

    The Data Info dialog displays.

  2. In the Status column, select one of the following options:

    • Accepted: The resource and tag are under the Classification tab.

    • Rejected: The resource and tag are under Show Rejected.

    • Allowed: The resource and tag are under Show Allowed.

  3. Select Accepted, Rejected, or Allowed to set the status of the tag.

  4. Add a reason and click Save.

    The resource is updated.

Similarly, you can set the status of the tags that are system-classified with pending review.

View rejected tags

To view rejected tags:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Data Inventory > Review.

  2. On the Review page, select MORE FILTER.

  3. Select Rejected.

    The review page displays tags marked as Rejected.

Tags bulk update

You can add new tags and do a bulk update for the resource directly from the Classification page.

  1. In the Classification page, click the Resource that you want to add a tag to (for example, an HDFS resource).

    The Resource Detail page is displayed.

  2. Click + next to the keyword that you want to add additional tags to.

    The Update Resource dialog displays.

  3. Add the tags to the Resource using the Tags dropdown and click Save.

    The tags are added to the resource.

  4. If you have added multiple tags, you can do a Bulk Update of the tags that you have added to the various columns.

  5. Click Bulk Update.

  6. Answer the prompts to Accept/Reject/Allow the tags and add a reason if required.

  7. Click Save or Close.