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Privacera Platform

Alerts Dashboard


The Alerts Dashboard provides a brief overview of anomalies in data zone scans. If a data zone has a policy for a disallowed tag or disallowed movement (when a file is incorrectly copied from one data zone to another), then an alert is generated.

For more detail about disallowed tags and disallowed data zone movement, see Data Zone Movement.

View Alerts Dashboard

To view the Alerts Dashboard, select Compliance Workflow > Alerts Dashboard from the navigation menu.

The Alerts Dashboard displays the following information:

  • Alert Time: The time that the alert was triggered.

  • Alert Level: The level of alert: high, medium, or low.

  • User: The name of the user.

  • Policy: The name of the policy.

  • Alert For: The details of the alert.

  • Reason: The reason for the alert.

  • Export: See Export Alert Detail.

Alerts Dashboard search filters

You can filter the alerts displayed on the Alerts Dashboard using the following methods:

  • Search by Category: Allows you to view alerts by category.

  • Include Policies: Allows you to view alerts that are marked under Include Policy.

  • Exclude Policies: Allows you to view alerts that are marked under Exclude Policy.

Export alert details

You can export details about alerts from the Alerts Dashboard .

To export alert details, do the following:

  1. On the Alerts Dashboard, click Export.

  2. From the dropdown menu, select an export format: CSV or JSON.

    The Export dialog displays.