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Privacera Release 6.3

Privacera Platform Release 6.3

Last updated: 2022-03-17

Versions of Privacera Platform Modules

Build/Image: rel_6.3.0.1

  • Discovery: rel_6.3.0.1
  • Access Manager: rel_6.3.0.1
  • Privacera Encryption Gateway (PEG): rel_6.3.0.1

New and Improved Features

Access Management


Databricks Runtime version 10.4 LTS is considered a preview for this release.

  • Preview: Adding multiple GCP projects in a single Google BigQuery PolicySync connector is supported.

  • Preview: PolicySync for the PostgreSQL database of the Cloud SQL in GCP is now supported. To govern data access, policies can be enforced based on data queries, resource-based masking policies, security zone, and tag-based policies.

  • Summary for plug-ins in the dataserver can be enabled to minimize the audit records.

  • Snowflake PolicySync now supports the addition of new warehouse and table permissions.

    • Warehouse: Assistance with warehouse modifications.

    • Table: Truncate and Reference table support.

  • LDAP/AD UserSync supports the deletion of users and groups.

  • The Spark plug-in FGAC displays only allowed databases and tables.

  • User and group attribute references are supported for row-level filter expressions in Spark plug-in FGAC, Trino, EMR Hive, and all the PolicySync connectors.

  • When Snowflake users are added to the Privacera Portal, they must reset their password after logging into their Snowflake account.


  • Starburst Enterprise version 360 LTS supports tag-sync in order for Privacera Ranger to discover tags.

  • Starburst Enterprise Trino Version 360 LTS supports discovery scans for the connectors MySQL, Oracle SQL, and PostgreSQL.

  • The PRIVACERA_DISCOVERY_DATABRICKS_DOWNLOAD_URL has been deprecated. PRIVACERA_BASE_DOWNLOAD_URL will be used to download the Discovery Databricks packages.


  • Preview: Encryption is supported on the Starburst Enterprise Trino Version 364 LTS.


  • Custom regular expressions can be configured in the admin portal to validate email addresses in User Management.

Privacera Manager CLI

  • Privacera Manager CLI installation supports multiple instances of the same service in PolicySync.

  • Auto-scaling can be set up for Discovery executor pods using the Privacera Manager CLI.

New Custom Properties in Snowflake

For more details on the following custom properties, see Snowflake Connector.


New Custom Properties in Discovery

For more details on the following custom properties, see Discovery Custom Properties.


Documentation Changelog

For documentation updates in this release, see the Privacera Documentation Change Log.

Supported Versions of Third-party Systems

Expand the "Platform 6.x" table in Supported Versions of Third-party Systems.

Known Issues

See Known Issues, Privacera Platform Release 6.3.

Platform Support Policy and End-of-Support Dates

Login to Zendesk to see Privacera's Product Support Policy.

Privacera Platform Major Version Release Date End of Support Date
3.0 2020-08-25 2022-02-16
4.0 2020-11-06 2022-04-30
5.0 2021-08-06 2023-01-28
6.0 2021-10-29 2023-04-22