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Privacera Release 6.2

Privacera Platform Release 6.2

Last updated: 2022-01-21

Versions of Privacera Platform Modules

Build/Image: rel_6.2.0.1

  • Discovery: rel_6.2.0.1
  • Access Manager: rel_6.2.0.1
  • Privacera Encryption Gateway (PEG): rel_6.2.0.1

Security Update for log4j

The Apache log4j library has been updated to version 2.17.1. Privacera strongly recommends that all customers upgrade to Privacera Platform 6.2 or later to take advantage of important security improvements in this library update.

New and Improved Features

Privacera Manager

  • Certify the installation of the Privacera Platform on Kubernetes versions 1.19 and higher for GKE (Google Cloud), AKS (Azure), and EKS (AWS) using PM CLI.

  • Error messages in the PM CLI for Ansible job failures have been improved.

Access Management

  • Performance and Scalability improvements added to Redshift, Databricks SQL, Postgres, Snowflake, MSSQL, and PowerBI.

  • Fine Grained Access Control/Object Level Access Control is supported for EMR versions 6.2.1, 6.3.1, and 6.4.0.

  • Starburst Enterprise LTS versions 360e and 364e are supported for access control.

  • Admin audits in access control are now routed through the audit server.

  • Google Cloud supports access audits for CloudSQL and PostgreSQL.

  • Access control for S3 bucket-level listing is added for specific Roles/Groups/Users.


The UX/UI of the Privacera portal has been improved in the following areas:

  • The confirmation dialog box contains text-based buttons to keep the focus on the information.

  • UI improvement for pages containing tabs and tables.

  • To simplify navigation, the breadcrumb is removed and a back button is added.

  • A clear and consistent button design helps you act faster and prevent errors.


  • The property DISCOVERY_HBASE_WAIT_BETWEEN_RETRY_MS has been added to specify the time to wait before retrying the HBase connection.

  • Databricks 9.1 LTS now has real-time scan capability for AWS and Docker environments.

  • Scan reasons for empty tables have been improved.
  • Improved Diagnostics – The status of key Discovery services is displayed on the portal.
  • Improved logging - When discovery fails to communicate with key services, a message is logged.


  • Support null values and empty strings in all encryption scheme formats.

  • The data input formats supported for use with the DateTime encryption format now include the following. For more information, see Reference: Formats, Algorithms, and Scopes.

    New Day-first Formats

    • dd/mm/uuuu
    • dd/mm/uuuu HH:mm:ss:SSS
    New Month-first Formats
    • mm/dd/uuuu HH:mm:ss AM
    • mm/dd/uuuu HH:mm:ss PM
    New Year-first Formats
    • uuuu-mm-dd
    • uuuu-mm-dd AM
    • uuuu-mm-dd PM
    • uuuu-mm-dd HH:mm AM
    • uuuu-mm-dd HH:mm PM

Documentation Changelog

For documentation updates in this release, see the Privacera Documentation Change Log.

Supported Versions of Third-party Systems

Expand the "Platform 6.x" table in Supported Versions of Third-party Systems.

Known Issues

See Known Issues, Privacera Platform Release 6.2.

Platform Support Policy and End-of-Support Dates

Login to Zendesk to see Privacera's Product Support Policy.

Privacera Platform Major Version Release Date End of Support Date
3.0 2020-08-25 2022-02-16
4.0 2020-11-06 2022-04-30
5.0 2021-08-06 2023-01-28
6.0 2021-10-29 2023-04-22

End-of-Life Announcements

Amazon EMR version 5.3

As per the Product Support Policy, Privacera no longer supports Amazon EMR version 5.33.x and recommends customers migrate to EMR version 6.2.x, 6.3.x, or 6.4.x.

Spark Version 2.4.4 & Databricks Version 6.4

As per the Product Support Policy, Privacera no longer supports Spark Version 2.4.4 and Databricks Version 6.4, and recommends customers migrate to Spark Version 3.1.x and Databricks Version 7.3, 8.2, or 8.3 and higher.

Privacera Manager UI is Deprecated

We are committed to a smooth and efficient experience while installing and configuring Privacera.

We would like to announce that the Privacera Manager User Interface (PM UI) is deprecated.

Recently, we improved our Privacera Manager command-line interface (PM CLI) tool, which is used for product installation and configuration, by making it robust and easy to use. For activities such as product installation, configuration, and modifications, use the Privacera Manager CLI.