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Known Issues 6.2

Privacera Platform Release 6.2

Last updated: 2022-01-20

The following are known issues in the Privacera Platform 6.2 release.

  • If a policy applies either column masking or row-level filtering to the PUBLIC group, associated queries fail with syntax errors.

  • If a policy grants CREATE DATABASE privilege for a specific user and the PUBLIC group, the CREATE DATABASE privilege is eventually revoked and CREATE DATABASE operations fail with "access denied".

An error occurs when you add an incomplete database name and a * wildcard at the end of the manage.database.list.

Workaround: Enter the complete database name without a wildcard.

Auto Run problem with PostgreSQL application (PRIV-10522)

Right to Privacy (RTP) policy does not work with PostgreSQL policy when auto run is enabled.

On Databricks 7.3 and 9.1 clusters, the Expunge policy does not work for .orc files.

The information for a newly created Datazone is not displayed on the Datazone information page.

Problem with Datazone Tour wizard (PRIV-PRIV-10220)

When a user jumps between steps, some tabs and resources are displayed incorrectly.

Workaround: Sequentially follow the tour wizard without jumping among steps.

Problem in Redshift DB while creating two masking policies in the same table (PRIV-9727)

Two masking policies in Redshift DB to mask multiple columns in a single table creates a security loophole.

Workaround: Avoid masking multiple columns in the same table. Create only a single column policy for masking.

Ranger policy : "uiHint" value in service-def is not considered (PRIV-9085)

The "uiHint" value in a service definition is currently ignored, and multiple inputs are allowed. This creates an issue on the masking policy page.

Delay in Discovery sub modules and Discovery status (PRIV-10002)

After Privacera Manager installation, some of the Discovery sub modules status is displayed as Stopped and the Discovery status as Warning. After a wait time of 2-3 minutes and if there are no issues, then the Discovery sub modules status is displayed as Running and Discovery status as OK.

Ranger-UserSync: USERSYNC_SYNC_GROUP_SEARCH_BASE property is not exposed (PRIV-10512)

The USERSYNC_SYNC_GROUP_SEARCH_BASE property is not exposed in the sample-vars/vars.usersync.ladps.yml file.

Workaround: If the customer wants to add a group search base, they should add the USERSYNC_SYNC_GROUP_SEARCH_BASE property to the custom-vars/vars.usersync.ldaps.yml file and update privacera-manager.