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Privacera Release 5.0

Privacera Platform Release 5.0

Build/Image: rel_5.0.0.1

Versions of Privacera Platform Modules

  • Discovery: rel_5.0.0.1

  • Access Manager: rel_5.0.0.1

  • Privacera Encryption Gateway (PEG): rel_5.0.0.1

New and Improved Features


For Google Cloud Platform (GCP) installation, creation of privacera_gcp_logs topic for real time scan is not required.

Access Management

  • Access control now supported for Power BI workspace.

  • Upgrade to EMR Spark access control from Privacera for EMR 6.x clusters. See EMR.

    • To query data from S3, EMR Spark Object-Level Access Control (Spark with Dataserver) now uses signed authorization, instead of the proxy method. The S3, S3A, and S3N protocols are supported. One advantage of signed authorization is that data flows through the client EMR network.
    • EMR Spark Fine-Grained Access Control. The Spark plug-in on EMR has been updated with enhancements and refactoring. Ranger Audit logs now show the complete query for SQL-type queries. Spark-submit with cluster mode is now supported.
  • Preview: Upgraded Databricks Spark access control for Databricks versions greater than 8.0. See Databricks.

    • Databricks Spark plug-in Fine-Grained Access Control. The Databricks Spark plug-in has been updated with enhancements and refactoring.
    • Limited support to enable access control on flag-based Struct data types.
    • Ranger Audit logs now show the complete query for SQL-type queries.
    • Databricks Spark formerly relying on Signed URL for Object-Level Access Control now uses signed authorization instead of the pre-signed URL method. List and delete requests also now support signed authorization rather than the proxy method.
  • Open Source Spark:

  • For some data source types, autocompletion of data source fields (database name and table names) in creating policies. See Policies Overview.


  • Scans are now supported for various data sources:
    • Offline scan of Google Cloud Storage (GCS) on Azure.
    • For realtime and offline scan of Google Cloud Storage (GCS) and Google BigQuery (GBQ), multiple, different projects can now scan the same data source.



Documentation Improvements

This release includes the following improvements in documentation:

  • In response to customer requests and suggestions, the Privacera documentation web site has been divided into two sides: one for PrivaceraCloud, the other for Privacera Platform. This division not only presents clearer navigation of the documentation but also provides “split search” results, such that PrivaceraCloud results are now distinct from those for Privacera Platform.
  • The Privacera Platform Installation guide has been significantly restructured for clarity and ease-of-use. A basic, generalized approach to installation, specific prerequisites for installing or enabling components, and the side-by-side presentation of details for both the Privacera Manager’s command-line interface (CLI) and its user interface (UI) make for an easier at-a-glance view of the installation decision points and the practical steps to configure them.
  • The bottom of every topic now shows the date the topic was last updated.

End-of-Life Announcements

PrestoSQL Support to be Discontinued

Support for PrestoSQL will be discontinued in future releases of Privacera Platform. Use the Privacera plug-in for Trino instead.

For more information, see:

Discovery Patterns Are Deprecated. Embed Patterns in Dictionaries Instead.

In a future release Discovery patterns will be removed from the left nav of Privacera Portal, because they are not used frequently. Instead, customers should now embed patterns in dictionaries. If you have any patterns in use, you should move them to dictionaries now.